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UNION POWER consistently holds the conception of " All work for customers, Customers' satisfaction as our premise of progress." This service concept are gradually penetrating to every department, such as Sales Department, Production Department, Quality Control Department, Engineering Department and R&D Center,etc. Once receiving custormers' requirments, we will reply in the first time. If our customers unsatisfy with that, we can arrange our engineers to reply them directly until they satisfy. Great Power customer service includes pre-sale service and after-sale service.


Pre-sale service

1. After thorough communication, be sure of the requirement;

2. Providing the needed samples and technical documents;

3. Guide our customers to use Great Power batteries correctly and safely.

4. Providing other service , such as packing & designing, commission of testing, and battery knowledge training,etc.


After-sale service

1.Knowing the usage of our battery, settle problem in time;

2.Estimating and be sure of customers'further requirements;

3.Doing quarterly satisfaction investigation;

4.Whenever receiving complain, we will response the customer within 24 hours and hand in relevant report dealing with the complain within a week.



Before a battery or battery pack can be specified, the minimum information that must be determined for application is Size, Capacity, Voltage, charge & discharge methods, Required Service Life, operating Temperature, Environment and Terminals, etc.

● Allowable size and weight will sometimes determined which battery is selected in spite of other requirement;

● If the equipment will not operate below a certain critical voltage, this end point voltage should be specified;

● Both initial and operating current drains may need to be specified along with the discharge schedule and the required service life;

● Operating temperature must be known because they will affect battery capacity, life or both;

● If the battery will be stored for any period of time before use, the length of time and the ambient temperature should also be indicated.